There are many initiative groups and organisations in Lithuania that mobilise people of goodwill to support the fight for freedom in Ukraine with work, money and ideas. “Birds of Freedom” is a very necessary, important and meaningful project organised by “Strong Together” and “Pakruojo Dvaras”, and our team is proud to contribute to its successful implementation with our knowledge and expertise.

laisvės paukščiai Ukrainai

Lithuanian, Latvian and Ukrainian artists, celebrities, schoolchildren, kindergarten children, people from various communities and organisations have created more than 1000 colourful birdhouses for the returning starlings. The birdhouses are being auctioned – each of us can choose and buy a colourful birdhouse for the birds of freedom. The money raised for the them goes to Ukraine: drones made in Lithuania, symbolically named “Starling”, are bought and shipped to the front. The need for such drones in times of war is extremely high and they are considered one of the most effective means of protecting the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

laisvės paukščiai Ukrainai parama

The auctions are taking place online at and the functionalities and efficient operation have been developed by our team of programmers. The amount raised has already exceeded €30 000 and is growing. Birds, freedom is part of our identity, so any support for Ukraine fighting for freedom is very meaningful.

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