Why do both big brands and small manufacturers use content marketing? 

Because it works and brings both tangible and intangible results:

  • growth of consumer loyalty and numbers 
  • sales growth and cost saving
  • sustainable long-term results for brand development

Marketing is not possible without great content. No matter what marketing tactics you use, content marketing should be part of your process.

We apply consistent process:

Content strategy:

  • Audience research: Who you’re talking to.
  • Journey mapping: What you’re trying to get them to do.
  • Channel selection: Where and how you’re reaching them.
  • Topic selection: What you’re talking to them about.
  • Project management: How your team will get it all done.

Content creation:

  • Topic research, structure outline, 
  • Writing, video/audio recording, design, visualization.

Content optimization:

  • For leads generation, we make sure we have lead gen forms in the right spots, promoting the right offers.
  • For attracting visitors through SEO, we review the optimization for brand relevant target keywords.

Content distribution:

  • Blogs, news stories, finished project articles, brand context stories on the websites
  • Sharing the new content on social media, adapted to specific social media channel.
  • Emailing, using Newsletter options to the lists of subscribers and customers.
  • Sending it to influential people, engaging then to spread the content.

Content repurposing

  • While content distribution is more about bringing people from other platforms back to content on your website, we use repurposing to bring the website’s content to the people on other platforms.
  • We deploy reformatting it from one medium to another, like from text into video, podcasts, or graphics; adaptation to the channels.

Content maintenance

  • Ongoing update, refresh, by adding new facts, stories, innovations to continue building the brand relevance to the target audience.

Social media marketing

A content marketing strategy is born earlier than your social media strategy.


Search engines “reward” a business that publishes quality and consistent content.


Successful PR strategies focus on issues that readers care about, not their business.

Inbound marketing

Content is essential to increase traffic to your website.

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