An effective internal communication strategy is a great way to create a collaborative, more productive, and engaging environment.

Internal communication affects your business in a variety of ways:

  • daily operations
  • cooperation between departments
  • perception and pursuit of the overall result
  • employee motivation and productivity
  • customer service
  • innovations,
  • employee experience, satisfaction, retention of talents, the attraction of new employees
  • company culture
  • employee engagement

With successful internal communication we will help you create a company culture where every employee feels like a brand ambassador. 

  • It increases efficiency even in the tiniest processes,
  • unites for a common goal, 
  • and allows speaking authentically on social media channels.

We start with IC audit, analysis, we develop recommendations for the leadership team and continue with the strategy to meet key business objectives: engaged, motivated, value-driven organization.

Internal emails

Versatile and easy-to-use, internal email can be used for numerous purposes: Meeting invitations to; Product announcements to; Two-way communication; Messages from the CEO; HR update;

Employee newsletter

Videos, surveys, new employee introduction, awards, contribution initiatives, new products or services – few ideas we can use for engaging conversation via Newsletters.

Internal events

We create concepts, provide communication support, and even conduct internal events so that they are aligned to the mission and values of the organization, demonstrate values in action, highlight key messages in a consistent manner trough all internal channels.

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