What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – special actions to make a website as significant as possible to Google with the goal of appearing as high as possible in organic search results with targeted keywords.

Internal SEO – the required submission of the internal information of the website to Google.

External SEO – information and links on other websites and portals showing Google that the website is relevant, important and should appear in certain searches.

This is a long process that must look as natural as possible, because Google’s algorithms are focused on not artificially increasing the importance of web pages. Therefore, it is better not to postpone it, because when it is needed, it will not be possible to do it quickly.

SEO is a long-term investment that does not give quick results, but high positions in Google search results in the long term not only generate free high quality organic traffic, but also show the reliability and importance of the company and its products.

Benefits of organic traffic

Organic traffic is typically 2-3 times better than ad traffic in terms of bounce rate, length of visit, pages visited and conversions, and final sales.

Some searchers recognize advertising in search results and click only on organic results.

Some visitors understand that advertising can be easily bought, and high organic positions indicate that the company has been around for a long time and is well regarded by Google – additional credibility.

Once you rank high in organic search results, you need less budget for paid search advertising because organic traffic costs nothing.

Also, higher positions in Google search results give the company additional credibility, visibility, awareness and recognition, which leads to more trust from potential customers, more customer traffic and sales.

Market Smart SEO actions for the customers

Keyword analysis: the most optimal keywords are selected according to the product/services and search volume.

SERP analysis: determining the customer’s position in search results based on selected keywords. Search competitors are identified.

Website analysis and technical optimization: website analysis and structure, performance speed, errors and other technical optimization are performed.

Internal SEO: optimization of the internal information (Titles, urls, content, meta data, alt texts atc.) of the website with selected keywords.

External SEO: Continuous backlink building and publishing on various local and global websites.

Why Market Smart?

When doing SEO, we publish links:

– in all kinds of domains (directories, social networks, article portals, blogs, forums, advertising portals, online tools and others)

– in high-ranking and not-so-high-ranking domains

– free and paid hosting domains

– various content from various creators.

All of this adds variety and looks natural to Google. In addition, we analyze and search for link publishing opportunities by markets worldwide and sectors that result in additional ranking in Google.

We do not limit ourselves to SEO, we combine everything with social media and advertising communications, we update websites and other necessary information on different portals.

We have experience working not only in Lithuania, but also with foreign markets: Europe, including the United Kingdom, Norway, China, Japan, the USA.

We work transparently, we provide detailed reports every month.

Just a few SEO success stories


The organic traffic of Market Smart customers more or less doubles within 6-12 months from the start of SEO work.

Real organic traffic results from real customers:

Market Smart SEO success stories

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