Tiktok successful brand communication?

What associations do most have when they hear about the social network TikTok? Probably a social network for teenagers. And have you thought about using this platform for brand communication? However, if you’re hearing about TikTok for the first time, let’s start from the beginning.

What is TikTok?

This is an app for creating and sharing entertainment videos. It has a wealth of filters, effects and soundtracks, so we don’t need any additional tools or gadgets to create quality and fun video. “Challenge”, “prank”, “lip sync” type recordings are very popular among users here. While this may sound rather windy, it is worth noting that, according to US research, more than 50% of users who use TikTok are between the ages of 18 and 34, which immediately negates the fact that only teenagers or young people use this social network. children. By the way, as TikTok becomes a mass-use app, the age of consumers is growing.

Only for TikTok business

Why is it worth stumbling and considering using this social network for business? True, for creative and “following” businesses, because you probably won’t create a serious corporate image here. For example, in Lithuania, TikTok is successfully used by brands such as Pildyk or Burga, which sells electronic accessories.

It is the 5th most popular social networking app in the world, its popularity is only growing over time and it is happening much faster than compared to other social networks. For example, Facebook’s first 100 million gadget downloads generated in 4 years. 5 months, Instagram – 2 years. 4 months, while the TikTok app in 2018. downloaded 660 million in 2019. – 738 million, and in 2020 In the I quarter – 315 mln. consumers. Let’s face it, the numbers are really impressive.

There is a trend towards extremely high organic reach on this network, so with the power and ideas to create an engaging video of just 15 seconds, you can generate hundreds of thousands of views in a very short period of time and become viral. The TikTok algorithm works extremely attractively: newly uploaded posts are displayed among the most popular, thus generating user engagement, and the more engagement in the first few hours or days – the longer and more widely the post is displayed – this is how TikTok works. It is also interesting that each user sees unique content that is filtered only for him.

Another important aspect: TikTok has a longer “expiration date” for posts than other social networks, i.e. when new accounts are noticed by new users, TikTok pushes old content forward again.

Tiktok successful brand communication?

It is time to act now

With the help of this social network, you can reach more potential users of your product or service without any investment (only with the power of creativity) than in other social networks with paid advertising.

So why not give it a try? While other brands are reluctant to consider – you act now and keep pace with the latest social networking trends.

TIPS: Not sure how to get started? In the gadget search, enter English hashtags related to the service or product you offer; this way you can see what the video trends are and which ones are getting the most attention. By the way, you can even legally use filters, effects or soundtracks created / uploaded by other users. What users place in the app (like even your voice recording) appears in the TikTok media library or effects gallery and becomes available to any user. Therefore, feel free to use the following tools to create your first records. You can save them in your account by clicking the effect or soundtrack icon at the bottom of the video you like.

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