In an ever-changing digital landscape, an attractive website is the foundation of any successful online business. Our digital marketing agency goes beyond conventional strategies and offers cutting-edge web development services that combine aesthetics with functionality. We share how our professionals can create a dynamic website tailored to your unique brand.

The art and science of web development

“Market Smart” believes that web development is a seamless blend of creativity and technical prowess. Our experienced developers use the latest technology to create bespoke websites that not only captivate visitors but also drive conversions. is a custom-designed oak products website. E-commerce and detailed customer enquiry forms have been implemented. Unique category pages for a range of products. Easy addition and display of stock and special offers. website snapshot – solid wood furniture e-shop for the Norwegian market. We selected a modern and elegant website design and tailored it to the client’s individual needs. The e-shop has a product configuration module that allows users to buy furniture of the desired size and appearance. homepage snapshot
We created and programmed a unique design for the e-shop of the cake masters The user-friendly design allows users to quickly browse and select the desired product from a wide range of products. Efficient configuration of cakes according to customers’ wishes, e.g. by adding the desired decoration image, is programmed. homepage snapshot. – a new real estate sales website presenting a new development of individual houses and townhouses. We created the positioning, branding, logo and selected and adapted the website design according to the style guide. An interactive project map was introduced, and each house for sale has its own detailed home page, with quick and easy enquiry forms. homepage snapshot – apple distillery e-shop. We programmed the store design, edited and customized photos, integrated 3D product photos, implemented payment and delivery modules. homepage snapshot
For, an e-shop for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and various health products, we created a custom design and integrated the data with accounting and warehouse applications. The design was tailored to the company’s needs and the data integration ensured smooth operation. The website has become a tool not only to grow sales in a convenient and efficient way, but also a business management tool to optimize processes. homepage snapshot
An interesting project – We have created a B2B trading platform (market-place) where traders can find new suppliers on a virtual platform and manufacturers can exhibit and showcase their product range and increase sales. The user-friendly platform is an effective tool for business development. homepage snapshot

Tailor-made solutions for every business

Whether you’re a start-up or an experienced company, our web development services are tailored to your specific goals. We specialize in creating websites that are adaptable to all modern devices, user-friendly and resonate with the target audience, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience.

External design appeal and internal programming excellence

Our programmers are proficient in the languages used to program the visible part of websites. We use the latest techniques to create visually striking and intuitive interfaces – from HTML5 for structure to CSS3 and JavaScript for design and interactivity. We use modern frameworks and modules on demand to speed up the programming of functionalities and save the client money.

Interactive video player web player

Interactive real estate map interactive map

3D product photos 3d product photos

Completed project slider interactive completed projects slider

Our expertise extends to back-end programming to create efficient, data-driven usability. We focus on the ability of websites to evolve as your business evolves and on security. We ensure that your website can grow, expand and your confidential information is protected.

Dynamic enquiry form dynamic product form

Pharmacy order form pharmacy order form

Configurable products product configurator

Optimized for perfect performance

We understand that a lightning-fast website is crucial for user satisfaction and SEO rankings. Our developers use advanced speed optimisation techniques including image compression, code minification and server-side caching.

SEO-oriented design and architecture

Our web development services are closely aligned with SEO best practices. We structure websites to maximize their visibility in search engines, using clear code, appropriate meta-tagging and optimized content to ensure your website ranks highly in search results.

Mobile-focused, adaptive design

In these days of mobile-dominated browsing, we prioritize adaptive design. Our websites are designed to be easily adaptable across a wide range of devices and screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and positive user experience.

If you’re building a new website or planning to update an existing one, consult our experts. Our team of skilled developers combine creativity, technical expertise and strategic insight to create websites that not only look impressive, but also deliver results. More on websites development:

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