America first, so who is the second?

America First

America first! Has anybody already heard this? But if America is first, and Netherland would like to be the second (with 18 mln. votes within a week!), yet there are too many candidates for a second place, apparently.

First was Brexit, then USA elections with Trump, so something happened at the end of 2016 and started to change the world and of course marketing. With worries and a lot of uncertainty people do not have an idea about what to expect in the future . Some statements of the most powerful man encouraged funny viral marketing, which reached new quality and reach level. So, what do you think is happening, and how business could profit from that? For example, you can already find and buy T-shirts, cups and a lot of souvenirs with “America First”, and then it’s up to your imagination what and where to write. So think like Trump and start making money!

In the meantime, my blog offers to relax for a minute and get acquainted with a lot of new facts about countries you have never been to or, perhaps, have already visited yet still do not know much about #EverySecondCounts.

Let’s vote, who’s second, just put the name of your favourite country in comments bellow and be sure to leave the third place for Lithuania 🙂









And here comes Mars 🙂


Croatia: “Šarić Mareković Tomac Government”

Croatia: “News Bar Government”








and it will go on and on…

Let’s vote, write your favourite country name in message line bellow and share this contest with your friends!


  1. Portugal 🙂

  2. interesting competition :). There are already more official videos from one country, because in some countries there are two governments and more than one answer to Mr. President :), even not regions, like in some countries, but official videos from one country. Just received message from Croatia, so they have big ambitions and would like to be second and take the third place from Lithuania…

  3. + за пост

  4. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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